Chalk Paint Furniture Makeovers - French Antiquites?

My neighbor had a garage sale!
French antiquites
I bought this Italian made lamp for $3.00 (love it!) and this black Indian made table for $5.00.  The shape of the table, the details, the ball and claw feet were all good qualities but I wasn't crazy about the black finish.  So I took to the internet for ideas on re-purposing  the table.  

Chalk-painted furniture is all the rage.  The problems were where to find chalk paint near me and the expense of ordering chalk paint from Annie Sloan.  Luck would have it, I found Chris and Angie's blog with a recipe for chalk paint.  I decided to give it a try!

antique fininshing with paint
I mixed up the chalk paint recipe with leftover off white latex wall paint that I had in the basement and tinted it to a light Parisian grey.  I mixed the recipe very thoroughly as I was scared that the Plaster of Paris would clump in the paint.  This did not happen!

Chalk paint how to make it
The next shade I mixed was a light blue with the same off white latex.  I trimmed the rim of the table, the apron and top of the leg carvings with this color.  I rubbed some gold paint on my finger and smeared onto the ball of the feet as to allow the under color to also show from underneath.

how to paint with chalk paint
After distressing the edges of the furniture and allowing the original black finish to peek out, I sealed the table with a water-based Polyurethane.  I love it!

plaster of paris with paint
This old oak dresser has been for years and stuck in a closet before that (for years!).  It came from a yard sale about 15 years ago.  I used the same chalk paint recipe as above but this time I dry brushed the paint on.  This allowed the grain of the oak to come through. 

DIY How to make chalk paint
I love the new look.  It is no longer dark, dirty, with a bad finish. A re-purposed catch-all!

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