How To Make A Sunflower Topiary Centerpiece

Nothing says Summer has arrived more than the vibrant colors of sunflowers.  In this tutorial, I will cover how to make yourself a sunflower topiary trimmed with ivy and yellow with brown centered mums as an accent flower.

Photo:  Sunflower topiary - designed by Brandy Spears.
sunflower topiary wedding centerpiece

Photo: Detail view of sunflower topiary - design by Brandy Spears.
wedding centerpiece idea sunflower topiary

Photo detail: Outdoor shot of sunflower topiary with natural lighting - design by Brandy Spears.
sunflower topiary wedding flowers centerpiece

Whether designing this topiary for a summer party, wedding reception centerpiece, for yourself or aas a gift to a friend, you'll find out by watching my how to do it yourself video tutorial exactly how simple this design can be.

Flowers needed for 1 topiary:
9 sunflowers with straight long stems
1/2 bunch of salal (lemon leaf)
1/2 bunch of scented mint geranium
4 stems of small yellow mum with brown center
6 long pieces of ivy

Floral supplies and mechanics needed:
Sharp floral knife
Florist tape
1/2 brick of florist foam
Pottery container with a 5" opening 

How to do it yourself tutorial:

Have fun designing!

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