Mi Casa Es Su Casa - Spanish Revival Door Makeover

Mi Casa Es Su Casa
(My house is your house)

I was browsing the internet and came across a Mexican door manufacture that made great antique-looking doors with wonderful wrought iron hardware.  This gave me an idea:  find a pattern to create iron bracket silhouettes.  My door was solid white.  BORING!  So after doing a few Google searches for "Spanish door hardware", "Gothic door hardware" and "Tudor door hardware", I found an antique bracket that I traced a silhouette pattern.

This is the pattern I came up with (forgive the hole-punched paper).

I lined up the pattern with the door hinge and traced with a pencil.  There are 3 hinges so I am going to paint 3 brackets.

I then went over the pencil marks with a black paint pen giving me nice clean edges.

With artist paint brushes, I then filled in with black acrylic paint. 

To add the lettering, I traced the skeleton of a favorite font with the Spanish phrase "Mi Casa Es Su Casa" (My house is your house).

I transferred the text to the door by rubbing the back of the paper with a charcoal stick.

I then painted in the lettering with pain pens in a script style.  Also, to anchor the dead bolt lock, door lock and door handle, I taped the area off, filled in with black paint and added just the pointed tip of the bracket template to tie everything together.  I painted the window black to give it more accent.  I love the result.  Much better than a black white door!

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