Tall Wedding Centerpiece With Green Grapes And Pink Flowers

Tall wedding centerpieces push the eye upwards and gives a WOW effect when when your guests enter the reception venue. This creation gives a high perception value of cost BUT is half the price of the previous arrangement I did with the same flowers in the previous how to do it yourself wedding centerpiece video.

Green grapes and pink flowers crown this empty vase.  Wedding centerpiece design by Brandy Spears
tall wedding centerpiece in pinks of hanging grapes, amaranthus, roses, hydrangea, orchids

To create this centerpiece I used a 24" glass vase with a 4.5" opening at the top. Using a caged florist foam resting on top of the empty vase, I hung hanging green amaranthus, wired in hanging green grapes, inserted a few stems of green with burgundy center dendrobium orchids. The top of the arrangement was done in shades of pink and hot pink peonies, roses, green tulips, blushed pink cybidium orchids over a foundation of hot pink hydrangea. When placed on a dinner table, measuring from the floor the top of the arrangement will be from 66" to 72" tall!

Photo detail of flowers designed by Brandy Spears.
tall wedding flowers centerpiece in pink and green with hanging grapes
I intentionally chose to leave the vase empty and instead placed a cluster of green grapes with a cybidium orchid resting on top.  This allows the arrangements to have a visual perception of floating in air.  If you would like a more anchored to the table look, you could fill the vase with rose petals, orchid blooms or stems or perhaps some decorative wire.

Photo detail of floral design by Brandy Spears
tall wedding centerpiece in pink hydrangea with grapes, orchids and roses
Floral supplies and mechanics needed for this design:
Flowers needed to create 1 centerpiece:
  • 2 large stems of hot pink hydrangea (see photos and video for color)
  • 6 Esperance roses
  • 1 growers package of 10 green with burgundy center dendrobium orchids
  • 6 blooms of blushed pink cymbidium orchids
  • 1 growers package of 9 green double bloomed tulips (local variety)
  • 2 large clusters of green grapes from supermarket
  • 1 growers bunch of green hanging amaranthus
  • 3 hot pink peonies fully bloomed
How to do it yourself video tutorials -
Part 1:

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Part 3:

Hope you enjoyed and have fun designing!

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