DIY Decoupaged Lampshades and Chandalier Shades

I bought this Italian paper half-shade for a lamp in Venice, Italy about 10 years ago from a shop that sold only paper products.  It has a beautiful Gregorian chant illumination printed on it.
gregorian chant illumination
I have two of the same porcelain urn lamps.  Why didn't I get two shades?  The other lamp had a very ugly 70's barrel-shaped shade on it.

I found some beautiful wrapping paper at Marshall's for $3.00 a roll with music manuscript printed on it.  I decided to decoupage the ugly lampshade.
I mixed up some decoupage glue and painted the entire shade with the glue.  I then rolled the paper onto the shade, cut and trimmed the edges with a razor blade.  The last step was to seal the edges and seam with the glue. Much cheaper than buying a new shade!

After loving the success of how the shade had turned out, I then covered 6 paper chandelier shades with the same paper.  They are lovely!

Now, all the lampshades in the room have a music theme!

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