Staircase Redo In The Spanish Style - Vinyl Wall Border

stencil, wall paper
My house was built in 1920's.  The staircase had 40+ years old carpeting.  They creaked and squeaked very badly.

I've lived with them in this condition for the last 12 years.  So I began sanding and repairing them to give them a look I wanted.  I even got underneath them and drove wood shims wherever I could find a spot to put a shim.  I used around a hundred shims BUT I stopped the creaks and squeaks.

I ordered a vinyl border from WallPops.  It's removable and can be repositioned.  I chose the Tangier pattern because of it's similarity to Spanish tiles.  It was the perfect height for the risers.

After I had finished sanding, staining and sealing with polyurethane the stairs, my friend, Veronica, and I spent about 45 mins applying the vinyl paper.

We used a small squeegee to get out any bubbles.  Worked well with the vinyl.

Thrilled with the results!  Shadow also approves!

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