Filoli Mansion and Gardens - Woodside, CA

On a recent visit to San Jose, CA,  I drove 25 miles north on 280 to Woodside, CA to visit Fi;oli - a stately country house and botanical gardens.  If you are a fan of the television series Dynasty, you'll remember the house as being in the opening credits and the home of the Carrington's.

Fi - lo - li:  "Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life."  To learn more about Filoli, visit their website

Woodside, CA

The first glimpse of Filoli is the roof as you approach the entrance gates to the estate.
America's Castles
Filoli estate at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains
Filoli was also featured on America's Castles - The Garden Estates.
America's castles Filoli
Main entrance to Filoli mansion

Mansion portico Filoli
Filoli portico

California Oak
California oak at Filoli mansion courtyard entrance

Filoli woodside california
Back of Filoli mansion

Woodside mansion
Rear of Filoli mansion - America's Castles
Mansion garden California
Side rear view - Filoli mansion

Carrington mansion Dynasty
Interior hallway - Filoli mansion
Woodside California
Grand staircase - Filoli mansion
Mansion music room
Music room - Filoli mansion
Filoli mansion
Harpsichord - Filoli music room
Filoli ballroom
Ballroom - Filoli mansion

Mansion ballroom
Chandelier - Ballroom Filoli mansion

Mansion garden pavillon
Pavilion - Filoli mansion and garden
Filoli formal garden California
Filoli garden entrance

Filoli gardens
Sunken garden - Filoli mansion

California public garden
Sunken garden and pavilion - Filoli mansion

Filoli Pavilion
Interior garden pavilion - Filoli mansion

lily pond filoli mansion
Sunken garden - Filoli

Filoli fountain
Filoli garden fountain

Filoli walled garden
Walled garden - Filoli

California roses Filoli gardens
Rose garden - Filoli

Filoli Rose Arbor bench
Rose Garden Bench - Filoli

Knot garden
Knot garden - Filoli

knot garden filoli
Knot garden - Filoli

Walled garden - Filoli

Garden bench planted with succulents for sale in gift shop.

Filoli gardens mansion pool
Lawn and pool - Filoli mansion and gardens

Pulgas Water Temple - Woodside, CA

Located immediately north of Filoli is Pulgas Water Temple - a  monument to commemorate the 1934 completion of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct.  

Pulgas Water Temple - adjacent to Filoli

Crystal Springs Reservoir north of Filoli

Crystal Springs Reservoir is 5 minutes north of Filoli mansion. 

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