European Entryway Arrangement - Sunflowers In Moss Covered Container

For an European organic look, try wrapping your container in moss and ivy.
sunflowers summer wedding
Photo:  A moss and ivy covered container filled with sunflowers, yellow with brown centered mums for a wild flower feel.
french style sunflower vase
Photo:  A smaller version I did for a friend's birthday.
wedding flowers entryway sunflowers

Florist supplies and mechanics needed for this project:
A large galvanized bucket vase
Florist tape
Florist knife
Plumber's putty or double sided sticky tape

Flower needed for 1 arrangement:
2 grower's bunches of sunflowers (16 to 20 heads)
1 bunch of yellow mums with brown centers
1 grower's bunch of green misty
Sheet moss
1 grower's bunch of ivy
1 grower's bunch  of salal (lemon leaf)
Yellow and white accent field flowers (2 bunches)

How to do it yourself video tutorial:

Part 1:


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